Waterjet Cutting

Cut from the finest.


Techni 5-axis machine2

Look to Nuclear Alloys for expert, precision waterjet cutting services tailored to your exact specifications – whether you require processing of single-piece orders or large-volume production runs. We feature in-house CAD capabilities and the latest in constantly updated, cutting-edge nesting software.

Experience and quality matters in delivering you precision results and your team at Nuclear Alloys features over 20 years of commercial waterjet cutting experience. We offer fast turnaround for all customers in the Western New York / Buffalo Niagara region – and beyond – to deliver a high-quality product at competitive pricing.

The advantages of waterjet cutting are yours:

  • Ability to cut nearly every material
  • Cuts to tolerance in one, efficient pass
  • No heat-affected zones in the material
  • Eliminates secondary machining operations
  • Nesting of parts saves cost and raw material – for a higher maximum yield
  • Minimal set-up time and cost

We’re ready for your watercut job, handling plate sizes up to 10’ x 25’ (3.1 m x 7.6 m) and 12,000 lbs (6 tons; 5,500 kg) through our dependable, on-site machinery:

Our waterjet cutting machines

  • Jet Edge 96 x 144 High Rail with 2 heads and X-Stream pressure pump
  • Jet Edge 120 x 240 High Rail with 4 heads
  • Jet Edge 72 x 144 High Rail with 4 heads and lights out capability
  • Techni Waterjet 120 x 312 with 5-axis cutting head and lights out capability

5 axis capability

  • Up to 60 degree beveling for weld preparation, chamfering or decorative applications
  • Multi-head machines for efficient processing
  • Can accommodate customer-supplied .dwg or .dxf files (contact us for others on request)
  • Table sizes up to 10’ x 26’ (3.1 m x 8 m)
  • Cutting capacity up to and exceeding 12” (30.5 cm) thick
  • Accuracy to 0.005” (0.127 mm)

We also offer in-house design capabilities to assist you in drawing custom parts for your application.

For a price quote or to reach one of our project experts to discuss your specific needs, please contact